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Side Effects of Cancer surgery

Side Effects of Cancer surgery

Cancer surgery, just like other cancer treatments is featured with benefits, side effects and risks. The intensity and types of side effects vary from one patient to the other and even with the location and kind of cancer, the kind of surgery and the overall health of the patient. So ...

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Chemotherapy side effects

Chemotherapy side effects

Although chemotherapy is one of the major parts of treatment in all kinds of cancer, but it brings with itself a lot of side effects. Today, there are a lot of alternative treatments that can be adopted, but in case there are no such alternatives pertaining to your kind of ...

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anal cancer

Symptoms of anal cancer

Anus is one of the most confusing organs, as people fail to distinguish the anus from the rectum. While the anus is the last few inches of lower intestine, the rectum actually ends at anus – the place where all fecal wastes are eliminated from the body. Anal cancer has ...

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Thyroid cancer

Symptoms of thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer does not have any symptoms as such and therefore detection of this ailment is a bit hard. There are the symptoms which are also caused by thyroid nodule and nodules are not necessarily cancerous. The symptoms of thyroid cancer are as follows: Lump in the neck can be noticed during ...

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Treatment Options for Bone Cancer: An Overview

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Lots of treatment options are available for Bone Cancer. The treatment of bone center depends of some specific conditions which are- The types of bone cancer How  far the bone cancer has grow Location and size of the tumor Age of the patient General health and fitness of patient Surgery Surgery is considered the most [...]

Causes of Mouth Cancer

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Cancer refers to an uncontrollable growth of cells which attacks and causes damage to other associated cells. Oral or mouth cancer defines a situation in which growth of cells stem in mouth. The cancer can affect any part of your mouth including lips, tongue and gums. It can also be there in bottom of mouth or under [...]

Treatment Options For Eye Cancer

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Eye cancer can be one of the scariest kinds of cancers. Of course there are risks of acute blindness, which can make you feel scared to the core. There are basically different kinds of treatments of eye cancer depending upon different factors. The common treatments include radiotherapy, surgery as well as chemotherapy. The treatment of [...]

Understanding AIDS-related cancers

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Even though a disease like cancer can happen to anyone and at any age, but there are certain kinds of cancers that are archetypical to AIDS patients. These are the group of certain cancers that are repeatedly identified in the people with HIV/AIDS.  However, it does not completely mean that people who are not suffering [...]

Treatment of Gum Cancer

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Gum cancer is a kind of oral cancer which affects millions of people all across the world in a year. Of all kinds of cancers, diagnosis of this cancer is the easiest and it can be detected easily too. Regular visits to your dentist can call for screening which allows easy detection of this disease. [...]

Symptoms of Gum Cancer

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Often people get confused between the oral cancer and the gum cancer. Oral cancer is actually a broader term that can include cancers of mouth. Therefore, gum cancer is basically a kind of oral cancer, but not exactly oral or mouth cancer. Gum cancer is also known as a type of the skin cancer which [...]

Vulvar Cancer Treatment

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Vulvar cancer is the type of cancer which starts in vulva. This type of cancer generally affects labia, the skin folds outside a vagina. In some of the situations, this vulvar cancer may even start on clitoris or in the glands on sides of vagina opening. When diagnosed at an early stage, this cancer is [...]

Treatment of Male Breast Cancer

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Usually when the word “breast cancer” is said, people associate it only with female. However, breast cancer is also found in male and the chances of survival are equal to that of female, but the treatment and causes differ. Usually, men between the ages of 60-70 years are detected with breast cancer. In males, the [...]

Causes of Fallopian Tube Cancer

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Fallopian tubes are a connector between ovaries and the uterus, which means that they are only found in the female body. Of all the uterine cancers, the fallopian tube cancer is the rarest of rare cancer. Because it is such a rare form of cancer, therefore, it is even difficult to track or find out [...]

Causes of Bladder Cancer

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Bladder is that organ of your body that is responsible for storing the urine. Cancer that starts showing up in this organ of your body is called bladder cancer. This cancer is formed in the tissues of your bladder. This organ is hollow and usually the shape of a balloon. In the recent years, more [...]