Anal cancer treatment

If you have been suffering from anal cancer, you need to be aware of the treatment options available for this deadly disease. The treatment of anal cancer is in fact different from treatment of other cancers around anus. The anal cancer actually arises from lining cells of anus, last portion of gastrointestinal tract after rectum. Cancers that take place outside the anus in skin are called as the peri-anal skin cancer or the anal margin cancer. These types of cancer are generally treated as the skin cancer and not as the anal cancers.

Surgery is the only used treatment for the small anal cancers which do not involve anal sphincter muscles. In such cases, the local removal of tumor plus the small level of healthy surrounding tissues can prove to be curative. But in case the tumor includes anal sphincter or if it is too extended to be treated by local resection, the treatment which is recommended is that which involves external beam radiation therapy as well as chemotherapeutic drugs and the chemo-radiotherapy. In case such anal cancer treatments are not enough and there is residual or recurrent tumor present, the surgery including APR process may be the only option left.

anal cancer

As with any and every type of cancer, anal cancer treatment is too dependent upon size, type and extent of stage of the tumor and the overall health of the patient. It is to be remembered that surgery is not the only standard treatment for all types of anal cancer, but it is generally the commonly used treatment option.

Earlier, the anal cancers were cured and treated with the help of surgical process called as the AAPR or abdomino-perineal resection. The process required the removal of ano-rectum and creation of permanent colostomy, the opening made in abdomen through which the feces pass out of body to get collected in a bag linked with the body.

So now when you have come to know the treatment for anal cancer, fight the disease at the earliest.

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