Breast cancer treatments- choose best treatment

Women suffering from breast cancer can take resort to the number of breast cancer treatment options available. The treatment which is perfect for one patient may not be good for another. Some popular treatments available for breast cancer include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy.

You can ask your doctor the different treatments available, their expected results and possible ill effects you may face. As cancer therapy generally damages the healthy tissues and cells, ill effects faced are generally common. So before the treatment begins, ask your doctor about the side effects you may face, how to best reduce or avoid these side effects and how a proper treatment can change your day to day activities.

When you face some symptoms of breast cancer, it is best to visit a doctor and get it diagnosed. Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy are the systemic therapy types available.

Breast Cancer

Mastectomy is the removal of complete breast tissue. Mastectomy might be simple, that means the surgeon removes all breast tissues like the ducts, lobules, some of the skin and fatty tissues and areola and nipples. Or the mastectomy might be radical like underlying muscle of chest wall that is removed with the breast tissue as well as lymph node in armpit.

Radiation therapy is another breast cancer treatment that makes use of high powered beams like X rays for killing off the cancer cells. Also, radiation therapy and surgery are the kinds of local therapies available. These help a great deal to destroy or remove the cancer in breast.

Lumpectomy is the removal of breast cancer. It is referred to as the breast sparing surgery in which the doctor removes small amount of surrounding healthy tissues and the actual tumor. This treatment is basically reserved for the smaller tumors which are easily divided from surrounding tissue.

Then, chemotherapy uses the drugs to kill cancerous cells. In case your cancer has high chances of spreading to some other body parts or returning again, your medical practitioner may recommend you to undergo chemotherapy and decrease the chances of facing cancer again. This is called as the adjuvant systemic chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is also given before the surgery in some cases in which the women have large breast tumors.

Last but not least, hormone therapy, which is also called as hormone blocking therapy, is used for curing the breast cancers which are sensitive to the hormones.

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