Causes of Bladder Cancer

Bladder is that organ of your body that is responsible for storing the urine. Cancer that starts showing up in this organ of your body is called bladder cancer. This cancer is formed in the tissues of your bladder. This organ is hollow and usually the shape of a balloon. In the recent years, more and more people are diagnosed with bladder cancer and so it has become extremely important to understand the causes of bladder cancer. So, here are the factors that cause bladder cancer. Only after understanding these cases and knowing about the symptoms of bladder cancer, you can find its appropriate treatment.


The biggest cause of bladder cancer is smoking. Cigarette smoke contains chemicals that are responsible for causing bladder cancer. These chemicals enter your bloodstream and thus the urine, thereby endangering cells and tissues of bladder.

Certain chemicals at work

Certain industries make more use of chemicals that can case bladder cancer. These industries are dye, printing, textiles, rubber, plastics, paints, gasworks and chemicals. People working in these industries are exposed to a higher risk of bladder cancer than people working in other industries.


Age plays a crucial role in determining whether a person can develop bladder cancer or not. People below 40 years of age will usually not be prone to bladder cancer. It is common ailment for the people with higher age.


Bladder cancer is seen common among men rather than in women. So, gender plays a vital role too.


Repeated urinary infections or bladder stones that are not treated on time might eventually cause infections. Also, paralyzed people are more prone to bladder cancer than others.

bladder cancer

Treatment of other forms of cancer

If you have been diagnosed and treated for other kinds of cancer, then you might also run the risk of developing bladder cancer. Radiotherapy in pelvic or even a chemotherapy drug named cyclophosphamide can increase the risk of bladder cancer.

Just like other forms of cancer, this is also non-contagious. Once you have found out about the presence of this cancer in your body, you can find ways on how to treat bladder cancer too.

Only after having clear understanding about bladder cancer, you can diagnose it early and start your treatment immediately. More and more people in today’s times are running the risk of bladder cancer due to poor lifestyle and certain other causes. It is important to understand and prevent the causes that are under your control.

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