Causes of Mouth Cancer

Cancer refers to an uncontrollable growth of cells which attacks and causes damage to other associated cells. Oral or mouth cancer defines a situation in which growth of cells stem in mouth. The cancer can affect any part of your mouth including lips, tongue and gums. It can also be there in bottom of mouth or under the tongue. Inner areas of cheeks and lips can also be affected by mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is found to be more in males as comparison to women.

There is not only one certain reason of getting mouth cancer. There are various elements that can cause mouth cancer. Here we discuss some important reasons of this disease.

Human papilloma virus (HPV)-

If one hashuman papilloma virus (HPV), the risk of mouth cancer is higher in his or her case. This virus can affect oropharynx and other parts of mouth. HPV is one of the main reasons of cancer in soft palate, floor of tongue and tonsils.

Excess alcohol- 

Drinking alcohol for a long period of time is the main cause of mouth cancer. It can develop cancer in various parts of your mouth. Owing to the tenderness of mouth, alcohol damage cells of the organ.


Tobacco is the prime reason that invites mouth cancer. If you regularly chew any kind of tobacco like gutkha, paan, mouth fresher that contains the harmful tobacco, you may have to experience mouth cancer.


Smoking is also a reason of mouth and various other cancers. If you are habitual of smoking Cigarettes, pipes, and cigars, you have great possibility of suffering from this type of cancer.

UV rays-

UV rays are very harmful for everyone’s health. Sunburns can develop mouth cancer, if you have many. Sunburns are the main reason of lip cancer.

Poor diet-

Nutritious food is really vital for a healthy body. If you are not taking proper amount of vitamins, proteins and other nutritious elements in your diet, the possibility of having mouth cancer can be increased. So, one should add fresh foods, wheat, vegetables, dairy products, etc. in his/her diet.

Other cancers-

If you have faced any other kind of cancer earlier, it may be a reason behind causing mouth cancer as well. Sometimes, improper treatment of mouth cancer can be a reason of new mouth cancer in some other parts of the organ.


Those who are taking medicine for immune system or haveHIV/AIDS have high possibility of facing this cancer.


If you have ever taken anyradiation treatments in past for face and head, it may develop mouth cancer as well.

So, keep in mind all these causes and get the best treatment at the earliest in case you are detected with mouth cancer.   

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