Causes of Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer is the serious condition that is faced by many people in the current times. The symptoms of stomach cancer generally arise at later stages because of huge capacity of stomach and so the tumor is also not curable when the disease gets diagnosed.

There are several causes of stomach cancer. One of them is alcohol and tobacco use. Tobacco can actually cause irritation in the stomach lining and thus making the smoker face stomach cancer. Alcohol has also been linked with increased threat of facing stomach cancer.

Diet and stomach cancer

The diet that is high in nitrates and salt but low in Vitamin C and A increases the threat of facing stomach cancer. Even other dietary threat factors include environment like poor drinking water and food preparation like pickling, salt curing and others. So, the diet rich in raw vegetables and fruits and especially citrus fruits as well as fiber can help to lower down the risks associated with stomach cancer.

There are some dietary factors that are thought of playing great role in overall development in the cancer. When followed for extended periods, the dietary practices can increase the threat of facing stomach cancer. These factors include low consumption of green leafy vegetables, high salt items, fruits and intake of the preservatives known as nitrates that are generally available in pickled, salted and smoked foods.

stomach cancer

Type A blood

The Blood type group actually refers to the substances which are generally present on surface of the red blood cells and other cells types. Thus the groups are crucial to match the blood for transfusions. And so for some unknown reasons, the people having Type A blood have higher and more risks to face stomach cancer.

Exposure to toxins

Even exposure to molds, dusts, fumes as well as other environmental factors at workplace or home has been associated with high risk of facing stomach cancer.
Cancer that you face may be benign or malignant. While the benign cancer can be cured, the malignant cancer is serious. The benign cancer offers a curing solution to affected cancer region while malignant cancer means that the cancer has in fact developed into something complex where the cancer has been faced. But as malignant cancer is serious, it simply means that the cancer has been developed in something complex where the medical or healthcare resources have less chances of any medical resolution.

Ulcers leading to cancer

There are studies as well that suggest that the ulcers in stomach result in cancer. So, in case you face the deadly stomach cancer, it is best to undergo some stomach cancer treatment at the earliest.

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