Causes of thyroid cancer

It is not actually clear as to what causes thyroid cancer. But it basically occurs when the cells in thyroid undergo some genetic changes or mutations. These mutations then allow cells to develop and multiply on a rapid speed. The cells even lose ability to actually die as the normal cells would. Thus accumulating abnormal thyroid cells result in formation of tumor. These abnormal cells can thus invade the nearby or surrounding tissues and can then spread all across the body.

Some risk factors for this type of cancer include:Having low levels of iodineHistory of suffering from thyroid diseaseInherited gene or the bowel condition known as FAPExposure to the radiations and that too in childhood

Like other types of cancer, changes in DNA of the cells play an important role in developing thyroid cancer. The DNA changes may incorporate the changes which are inherited and the ones that take place with age. People who are exposed to huge amounts of radiation have higher risks of getting this thyroid cancer.

Thyroid cancer

Dental X ray conducted at frequent intervals will not increase the chances to suffer from thyroid cancer. However some past radiation treatment of neck, chest or head during childhood can put one at high danger of facing thyroid cancer.

The causes of thyroid cancer are not even known to the experts. But some causes that result in this type of a cancer include exposure to radiation. Even genetic syndromes which increase the danger of this cancer include familial medullary thyroid cancer, adenomatous polyposis and multiple endocrine neoplasia.

Many a patients with thyroid cancer are found to be over 40 years of age. People facing anaplastic thyroid cancer are generally over 65 years. So it can be said that age also plays a role in causing this cancer type.

Personal and family history of thyroid or goiter is also a cause to face thyroid cancer. Goiter is basically the noncancerous enlargement of thyroid.

So when you are aware of the causes of thyroid cancer, you should know the symptoms of thyroid cancer and how to cure thyroid cancer as well.

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