How to treat bladder cancer?

It is very important that you should also have knowledge about the treatments for bladder cancer so that when the doctor tells you about a particular treatment, you should have prior information about it. Let us talk about bladder cancer here:

What is bladder cancer and where does it begin?

Bladder is situated in your pelvic area and is shaped in the form of a balloon. It is the organ of your body where the urine is stored before you take it out of the body. Bladder cancer begins in the lining of bladder. However, there are more than one types of bladder cancer and while some remain confined to the lining of the bladder, others might spread to surrounded regions as well.

Treatment for bladder cancer

In order to treat bladder cancer, there are three main types of surgeries. These are:

Transurethral resection (TUR)

In this type of surgery, a tool is inserted in the bladder through urethra and the tumor is then removed or burned using high electricity.


In this surgery, the bladder is removed altogether. This kind of surgery is further divided into two types- segmental (partial), and radical (complete). As the name suggests, in the former surgery that part of bladder is taken out where the cancer is situated and in the latter one, entire bladder and certain nearby organs are removed.

Urinary diversion

In this type of surgery, the diversion is made for the urine to pass out of the body but not from bladder.

Apart from this, there are chemotherapy, radiation therapy and biological therapy that can be used for treatment.

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