How to treat penile cancer

Penile cancer serves to be a rare kind of cancer which forms in penis. The male penis includes various kinds of tissues as well as various types of cancel may develop in such cells. It is thus crucial for the health care provider to properly assess and determine the kind of penile cells that are affected to know the severity of the problem and thus plan best treatment possible. There are various symptoms of penile cancer that you should observe to get the disease diagnosed at early stages.

Surgery serves as the most common treatment available for penile cancer. This type of cancer gets removed from penis with the help of some methods like:

  Circumcision for removal of the foreskin in case the penile tumor is restricted to this region.  Laser surgery that utilizes narrow light beam to kill cancerous cells.  Microsurgery for removal of penile cancer as well as normal tissue. During such a surgery, the medical practitioner makes use of   microscope to observe the cancerous region and ensure that all cancerous cells are properly removed.  Wide local excision that helps to remove the penile cancer as well as normal tissue on either of the sides.

penile cancer

The fluorouracil cream that is a chemotherapy drug is also used on penis skin for the small and superficial cancers. Chemotherapy may even be provided through pill or as the form of some systematic treatment which can travel through body and kill the cancerous cells.

Last but not least, radiation therapy- be it internal or external can even be utilized to cure penile cancer through destroying cancerous cells as well as shrinking the size of the tumor. Radiation can be utilize alone or even after the surgery.

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