Know the symptoms of liver cancer

Liver cancer is the deadly disease unlike other types of cancer, it gets detected at later stages. It is even referred to as the silent kind of cancer. In fact, chances to survive in this type of cancer are very rare and almost every affected person passes away in a year or so.

It is thus important to check the symptoms of liver cancer at an early stage. Some common symptoms of liver cancer include:

Change in the urine color- The urine color will eventually start getting dark with time.

Weight- As a case with almost every type of cancer, there can be sudden weight loss. This is so because cancer cells starts to burn more amount of calories than through normal and steady healthy cells.

liver cancer

Skin color- In case of liver cancer, there is a slight change in color of the skin. It even starts to become a bit yellowish as the problem spreads in liver.

Pain- This can be persistent over time and can be faced all over abdomen, mostly towards the right. And after some time, this pain may spread towards shoulder blades and back as well.
Liver cancer symptoms can be in fact different in every patient as per the type of cells affected. The major kind of liver cancer begins in hepatocytes that are the primary cell of liver. It can even be at bile duct region. A treatable cancer that generally happens to the toddlers of 4 years of age and below is the hepatoblastoma. Another rare one begins at liver blood cells that row at a very fast rate. The medical professionals will ensure that they properly analyze patient’s condition to address the problems related to symptoms and even to make proper treatment available to the patients.

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