Mesothelioma cancer – A Deadly Disease

Cancer is sure one name that can make even a strong person go weak in his knees. Mesothelioma is a rare type of cancer that occurs in one among million. However it is severe and deadly and often the symptoms occur at the advanced stage. This deadly disease occurs from asbestos exposure. If one is exposed to asbestos for more than decades then there is a huge possibility of getting affected by this disease. People have a tendency to take their health for granted until and unless something severe happens to them. If you are exposed to asbestos then you need to be extremely careful about your health. This is something you just cannot joke about. You must take the preventive measure in order to diagnose and treat this disease on time.

Human body organs are surrounded by mesothelian cells. Mesothelioma affects that part in layers and causes severe breathing trouble, chest pain and various other troubles. The symptoms are not very different than many other diseases. That is why the patients often take the regular medicines thinking that it is just fever or nausea or breathing trouble. Those who are exposed to asbestos for long must not ignore any physical trouble no matter how small and insignificant this is. Mesothelioma cancer often has no alarm before the advanced stage. Often things are beyond control then and no one can do much then.


Weight loss and fatigue can also be there. In the advanced stage of this disease the blood gets clot in the veins. Patients usually become extremely anemic. Digestive failure will also be seen in some cases. The heart needs to pump faster and harder to release oxygen and that is why the lungs sometimes collapse and the situation gets aggravated. Initially only small tumors are there that gradually spreads across the organs. The doctors remove the tumor before starting radiation and chemotherapy.

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