Nasal cancer treatment

The cancers that take place in the sinuses and nasal cavity are very rare. Most nasal cancer types are squamous cell carcinomas which originate in lining of sinuses or the nasal cavity. The less common kinds of nasal cavity cancers are sarcomas that affect the connective tissue and the melanomas.

Many symptoms of nasal cancer seem to be like the one of infection or inflammation faced by the sinuses like postnasal drip, pain under eyes, above eyebrows, running nose, congestion, toothache and earache.

Various treatments for nasal cancer are available. But it is important to select the best treatment as per the type of disease and the extent of its spread. Treatment of this sort of cancer actually depends on the kind of cancer suffered, the place it is suffered, the size and as per the health status of the patient. Surgery is generally a part of the treatment and can be followed or preceded by chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Nasal Cancer

The main goal behind nasal cancer treatment is to cure the disease in a permanent fashion and to bring about complete remission of this disease. Some other treatments apart from surgery that can help include physical therapy for helping with swallowing, eating and speaking problems linked with surgery, dietary counseling to maintain nutritional status and strength and the pain medications required to increase the discomfort.

There are some other complementary treatments for nasal cancer as well like yoga, message therapy and acupuncture that can prove to be really beneficial and effective.

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