Radiotherapy side effects

There are various short term and long term side effects of radiotherapy that can be faced. Hair loss, fibrosis, fetal damage and dryness are some of the long term effects that one may suffer from. Fibrosis is the condition when some tissues become less flexible due to treatment. Fetal damage is also faced in case of the pregnant women. In radiotherapy, the head and neck area face hair loss problem for a long time.


Dry eyes and dry mouth are other problems faced after radiotherapy. Radiation is the cause of cancer and the secondary malignancies are faced in small portion of patients, usually some years after receiving the curative radiation treatment course.


Factors responsible

The side effects of radiotherapy differ from one person to another as per the radiation amount, treatment schedule, your physical health, part of the body that is being treated and the medications you may be taking.

General effects

The general side effects faced with radiotherapy include fatigue, changes in the appetite pattern and depression or anxiety. To know when these effects will go, it is important to note that it takes some time for the healthy cells to actually recover from radiotherapy effects so there are some ill effects that may continue after the treatment as well. Some effects may continue or a week or so and other may be permanent.

Towards end of the treatment, you may see that you face difficulty passing urine and the frequency of the need to pass urine has increased than the usual. If you face burning sensation or pain while urination, it is better to consult the doctor for urinary tract or bladder infections.

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