Side Effects of Cancer surgery

Cancer surgery, just like other cancer treatments is featured with benefits, side effects and risks. The intensity and types of side effects vary from one patient to the other and even with the location and kind of cancer, the kind of surgery and the overall health of the patient. So when you and your medical practitioner decide that surgery will serve to treat your cancer, you should get all information about possible side effects that you may face with surgery.

Pain serves to be the most common side effect that is felt after the cancer surgery. The location and amount of pain felt actually depends on different factors like site of the surgery, size of incision as well as the amount of tissue that is removed. The pain after cancer surgery resolves as body heals gradually.

Bad appetite after the cancer surgery is also a common ill effect and that too when anesthesia is used. This lasts for about 2 to 4 weeks after the surgery and might be linked with weight loss. Most patients even regain appetite and the return to normal weight as effects of surgery gradually wear off.

Cancer Surgery Side Effects

Some kinds of surgery even affect the fertility of the patient i.e. the woman’s capacity to conceive or the man’s ability to be a father. Before the cancer treatment starts, it is wise to the medical professional about possible fertility related effects of the treatment and available options to preserve fertility.

In all surgical processes, there is blood loss as well. In many cases, the blood loss amount is minimal and does not affect normal functioning of the patient’s body. But in some surgeries, a huge amount of blood is lost and the surgical group may have blood for transfusion. You may even face some bleeding from wound occasionally after the surgery is over. In case such a situation occurs, it is best to cover it and clean the dressing or visit the surgeon’s office at the earliest.

With most cancer surgeries, there are wounds of scars linked with the treatment. This may affect the self image and confidence of the suffered and even interfere with the personal life of the patient.

So before you opt to undergo surgery to treat the cancer you are suffering from, it is best to know the possible side effects that you may as well. This will help you to take the right decision.

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