Stomach cancer treatment

Stomach cancer that is also known as gastric cancer is the disease which starts in stomach. There are various symptoms of stomach cancer that can be detected by the patient or doctor. If you have been diagnosed with this type of a cancer, there are different treatments available.

Radiation therapy is the one that makes use of high powered energy beams like X rays in order to kill off the cancerous cells. These beams come from machine which moves around the patient as he or she lies on the table.

In case stomach cancer is detected at an early stage, surgery can be utilized to cure the disease. Stomach cancer treatment usually involves team approach with medical, surgical as well as radiation oncologists. The surgery carries some amount of risk. If the whole or some parts of the stomach gets removed, you might face digestive problems.

stomach cancer

Chemotherapy is also a treatment that can be offered before the surgery in order to shrink tumor and make it easier to get removed. Chemotherapy is even utilized after the surgery in order to kill the cells that may remain in body. This type of treatment is generally used with radiation therapy. It may even be used alone in the patients with advanced stage of stomach cancer in order to relieve the stomach cancer symptoms and signs.

Even targeted therapy is used with the help of drugs attacking some abnormalities within the cancer cells. These drugs are used for treating the rare kind of stomach cancer known as the gastrointestinal stromal tumor.

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