Symptoms of breast cancer

In the initial stages or in its infancy, there might not be any visible symptoms of breast cancer. The lump or the tumor might be so small that it would be very hard to detect its presence. Often, you might start feeling lump but it would usually be hard and painless. Some of the lumps can be soft and rounded. Any such presence, if felt any time, should be checked by the doctor.

However, in advance stages, symptoms of breast cancer can be as follows:

swelling of some parts or all of breastskin irritationbreast painnipple painthe inward turning of nippleredness or congeal of the nipple or breast skina nipple discharge , not the breast milklump in the underarm areacontinuous tenderness of breastnipple painbreast discomfort

Breast Cancer

These indications might not apply only to breast cancer and can also indicate other ailments which are less serious or non-cancerous. However, it becomes important that any changes, whether felt or seen, should be checked by the doctor immediately.

The breast cancer cells multiply extremely fast. At later stages, the symptoms of breast cancer can become visible or can be felt strongly. These include:

Bone painShort breathAppetite lossUnintentional or unexplained weight lossHeadaches and weakness

Annual screening of the breast can help you detect the breast cancer at early stages itself, thereby helping you in fast treatment. Breast cancer is curable if detected at early stages.

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