Symptoms of colon cancer

The symptoms of colon cancer are not very prominent but by getting the common knowledge about the symptoms of colon cancer, you can detect the cancer before its too late.

The symptoms of colon cancer vary from patient to patient and this depends upon the size of cancer and its location and placement in your intestines. But you should know about the right time to have an appointment with the doctor with the help of these symptoms. Let us find out about some common symptoms of colon cancer.

Any indication of change in the bowel habits might also be an indication of colon cancer. This might include diarrhea or constipation or even inconsistency in the stool for more than a few weeks.

Colon Cancer

In case there is an occurrence of blood in your stool or you observe rectal bleeding, you can take it as a symptom of colon cancer. Do not take the continuous abdominal discomforts like pain, gas or cramps very leniently. This is also a symptom of colon cancer.  A feeling of fullness in your bowel even if it is not, is also a symptom of colon cancer.

Apart from these common symptoms, there can also be some other indications such as impenetrable weight loss, loss of desire for food, nausea or vomiting and weakness or fatigue.

If you are observing similar symptoms, it is time to visit a doctor. Doctor can help you in curing the colon cancer in the initial stages itself which can help you in avoiding any mishap.

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