Symptoms of esophageal cancer

Esophageal cancer is the health condition where malignancy forms in esophagus tissues. There are various symptoms of esophageal cancer that can be noticed. Difficulty in swallowing is the common cancer symptom. In case the esophageal narrows down due to cancer, it is tough for the food to easily pass through esophagus. This generally starts with huge food pieces however can worsen with time that you might not be even able to swallow the liquids easily.

Excessive saliva
in order to pass the food through esophagus, body makes more of saliva. As the food becomes tough to swallow, body then produces saliva in huge quantities in order to compensate.

Vomiting and other symptoms

esophageal cancer

Vomiting is another symptom of esophageal cancer that can be either bloody or with food. You may face bloody vomiting due to the tumor in stomach or esophagus. Other common esophageal cancer symptoms include hoarseness and coughing, heartburn and indigestion, choking during eating, pressure and chest pain and fatigue.

Weight loss and tarry stools

Unplanned weight loss is another cancer symptom and there is basically no cause or reason for this. Esophageal cancer symptoms further include tarry and black stools. Bleeding from esophagus might show up as tarry and black stools as the stomach acid changes into black.

Detecting symptoms of esophageal cancer at an early stage and visiting the doctor at the earliest is essential to manage the cancer in a wise manner. The medical experts say that proper diet plays a great role to manage the esophageal cancer. Mainly, diet should include the food items that are simple and easy to swallow like juices, soups, yogurt, barley water and broth.

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