Symptoms of fallopian tube cancer

Fallopian tube cancer is the disease which affects ducts connecting ovaries to uterus and allows transport of the eggs from ovary to uterus. Symptoms of fallopian tube cancer are vague and basically typical of the gynecologic conditions.

Some common cancer symptoms of fallopian tube include pelvic mass, stomach acne, pressure on abdomen and pink, white or clear discharge from vagina.

Vaginal discharge which is clear and white can serve as symptom of the fallopian tube cancer. But it is more likely to be associated with some other disease as well. In case you face this sort of discharge from the vagina, consult your doctor soon to swab the vagina and carry out microscopic test.

fallopian tube cancer

Even menopause status may play role in how the symptoms are basically managed and in diagnostic procedure of the fallopian tube cancer. The post menopausal ladies facing abnormal bleeding in the vagina warrant a timely and fast evaluation by the doctor. Abnormal bleeding from the vagina can take place if you are suffering from fallopian tube cancer. This sort of bleeding is considered to be abnormal in case it takes place between the periods, after douching or sex or when you have heavy periods. Any sort of bleeding in the vagina in the post menopause stage is considered to be abnormal and should be examined by the medical professional quickly.

In case you face pelvic pain, you should consult medical advice as well. The doctor will examine your case; ask a few questions like when it started and others. Pelvic pain which is severe and persistent and even lasts for around a span of two weeks or so should be immediately paid attention to and get evaluated by the doctor at the earliest.

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