Symptoms of genetic cancer

Genetic cancer is a typical type of cancer that develops due to genetic mutation that passes from the parent to the child. Although inheriting the gene mutation is not a necessary indication of developing cancer, however, it definitely increases the risks of developing the condition by many times. Studies and researches have shown that that there are some genetic mutations that increase the possibilities of people developing some types of cancer, based on the family history and medical conditions. However, it should be remembered that cancer is not just a heredity disease, but can also develop in a person who has no medical history of cancer.

Types of Genetic Cancer

There is no particular type of cancer that can be categorized as genetic cancer. However, there are some commonly occurring cancer types that are genetically transferred, such as:

colorectal cancerbreast cancerovarian cancerprostate cancer

All these types of genetic cancers have different signs and symptoms that cannot be predicted without getting into the details of the type, its effects and its eventual results. When the condition is genetic in nature, people have to be more conscious about their condition and should go in for regular check up.

There are some common symptoms of cancer that can be considered in this regard, such as:

persistent fatiguerapid and unintentional loss of weightpain in some parts of the body; though there are many cancer types that might not cause painchanges in bowel functionschronic coughfever

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