Symptoms of Gum Cancer

Often people get confused between the oral cancer and the gum cancer. Oral cancer is actually a broader term that can include cancers of mouth. Therefore, gum cancer is basically a kind of oral cancer, but not exactly oral or mouth cancer. Gum cancer is also known as a type of the skin cancer which is formed or develops on the surface of your gums inside the mouth. Initially, gum cancer appears like sore or a bump that does not heal easily. This sore can either be white in color or even red and it can also appear like thickened gum. Teeth that are close to this sore or bump become loose and so, are also not possible to be fixed easily.

What causes gum cancer?

Basically, the two contributory factors that cause gum cancer are tobacco and alcohol. These two ingredients are not just causes of gum cancer, but also other kinds of cancers in the mouth. Generally, gum cancer is most commonly found in men in comparison to the women. If found at an early age; it is possible to treat gum cancer with processes like radiation therapy or surgery. What the point is how would you know about the gum cancer? The symptoms are the indications that let you know whether you should immediately seek medical advice or not.

Gum Cancer

Symptoms of gum cancer

As described earlier, in the initial stage, gum cancer may look like a sore or a bump right on the surface of your gums. Sometimes, it may also start bleeding. Also, the teeth around the bump start loosening. Apart from these obvious indications, there are certain other common symptoms of gum cancer.

Tainted tasteBleeding gumsCracking of gumsDifficulty in eatingLoosening of teeth or mis-fit denturesLump that staysNon-healing sore, either white, red, pale or dark, or discoloredPainSwollen lymph nodesClot in the gumsInexplicable weight loss

Apart from these symptoms, there are also other serious symptoms of gum cancer that should be considered. These symptoms include:

Bleeding in the mouthDifficulty swallowing or eatingGum painConstant puffy lymph nodesSore or lump on the gums

In case of occurrence of these symptoms, it is important that you should immediately seek the medical advice. It is important to visit the doctor immediately in case of these symptoms. However, certain symptoms may also indicate other ailments.

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