Symptoms of gynecologic cancer

Gynecologic cancer includes uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer and vaginal cancer. If you want to know or read about gynecologic cancer, here are the details or warning signs you should look for:

Abnormal bleeding

The most common warning signal of any form of Gynecologic cancer is abnormal bleeding. It is usually seen after the menopause. So if woman are experiencing abnormal bleeding post menopause, it is highly recommended to visit the doctor.

In certain cases, if you are bleeding more than normal during your periods, i.e., excessive and heavy bleeding for more than 2 menstrual cycles, you need to report it to your doctor immediately. Though it is not always a warning signal for cancer, but it needs to be checked for it.

gynecologic cancer

Pelvic pain

Another warning sign of Gynecologic cancer can be pelvic pain. Sometimes, tumors can create a pressure on pelvic region causing pain. This pain can also occur during sexual intercourse. But it is not a sign of worry. Only unexplained pain in pelvic is the cause. Remember, cramping during menstrual cycle is NOT AT ALL a sign of Gynecologic cancer.

Urinary disturbances

Urinary disturbances like burning sensation while urinating, difficulty in urination and similar problems need to be reported immediately to the doctor.

Abdominal swelling

Abdominal swelling can be a major cause of ovarian cancer. When you feel that the clothes are getting tighter in abdominal region, you need to worry! However, pre-menstrual abdominal swelling is not a sign of worry but if it happens unexplained, report your doctor!

These are some of the common symptoms or warning signals of Gynecologic cancer.

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