Symptoms of head and neck cancer

There are many symptoms of head and neck cancer that often seem to be similar to some of the common illnesses that keep happening from time to time. However, that might not mean it is a case of cancer. But as the problem of head and neck cancer has been rising at an alarming rate due to frequent tobacco consumption and smoking, it often leads to diagnosis and tests to identify what the underlying problem is and how it can be treated.

In most cases the symptoms of head and neck cancer can be similar to that of an oral ulcer with mild pain inside the mouth or within the larynx. There are two main parts affected by this type of cancer – the hypopharynx and the larynx.

Some of the common symptoms of head and neck cancer are:

an overall numbness inside the mouthbleeding inside the throat or mouthswelling or a lump like sensation inside the mouthan ulcer or sore inside the mouth that will not heal in weeksred or white patches that form sores and start bleedingpain to swallow or chew food with extreme difficultypersistent pain inside the throat and other parts of the facehoarse voice or voice change that results in slurred speechbleeding difficulties / noisy breathingpersistent sinuses or blocked nose, nose bleedsswelling of the eyes and it surrounding region that causes double visionfacial pain or pain in the upper jawearache, symptoms of tinnitus, hearing problems.So get yourself checked on time.

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