Symptoms of kidney cancer

There are no visible symptoms as such when the kidney cancer starts developing in the initial stages. The detection of the kidney cancer has been found out through ultrasounds being done for other purposes. Once the kidney cancer starts growing, the symptoms become very visible.

The first symptom that is seen in the kidney cancer is blood in the urine, which is commonly known as haematuria. Around half of the patients going for kidney cancer diagnosis are seen with this symptom. This symptom might sometimes not be visible through naked eyes but a urine test can depict this. However, it is not mandatory that haematuria is a result of kidney cancer only.

In case you feel a lump or any kind of swelling in kidneys area, then fix an appointment with your doctor without a delay since a lump can be a symptom of kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer

Some other kinds of symptoms of kidney cancer include weight loss, tiredness, loss of hunger, high body temperature with excess sweating, pain in the kidney areas which might occur for a longer duration and a feeling of being ill even if you are not.

However, it is very important to note that all these symptoms are not surely the cause of cancer. These symptoms can occur due to other ailment as well. But it should not be avoided and you must visit a doctor immediately on occurrence of these symptoms.

Remember, an early detection of kidney cancer can cause early and fast treatment. So do not avoid such symptoms and see a doctor soon.

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