Symptoms of Larynx Cancer

Larynx is primarily located in your neck. In layman’s language, larynx is called voice box. While you swallow, talk or breathe, you use your larynx in doing so. The symptoms of larynx cancer in your neck will depend on the size of tumor and where it is situated. Following are the symptoms of larynx cancer:

Hoarseness or other voice changesA lump in the neckA sore throat or feeling that something is stuck in your throatA cough that does not go awayProblems breathingBad breathAn earacheWeight loss

These symptoms occur either due to larynx cancer or may be some other problem.

Treatment of larynx cancer

Before beginning the treatment, you should always ask your doctor certain questions. The treatment begins after several weeks of diagnosis. You are asked to conduct certain tests. After you finally know that you are suffering from larynx cancer, you should begin your treatment, but immediate reaction is not mandatory.

Since you will have time, therefore you can take a second opinion as well. For the treatment, you will be consulted to medical oncologist or radiation oncologist or surgeon who will carry out the operation.

There are usually three ways of treatment and these are radiation therapy, radiation therapy with surgery or radiation therapy with chemotherapy. Many people opt for radiation therapy alone and therefore temporary feeding tubes are inserted which is quite painful.

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