Symptoms of male breast cancer

Though breast cancer is the disease that is generally associated with women, it does not necessarily mean that it cannot happen to the male lot. Just as women, men can also have breast cancer. It is important to notice the symptoms of male breast cancer in order to detect the problem soon and take proper measures to combat it.

Some common male breast cancer symptoms include ulceration of nipple’s skin, nipple turning inwards or nipple retraction, dimpling or puckering if nipples, firm mass set below nipples and nipple discharge. The discharge from the nipples can be opaque or bloody.

male breast cancer

There are in fact different male cancer symptoms and that most obvious of them is the thickening in breast tissue or painless lump. There may even be some changes in skin of breast region such as reddened skin, scales, dimpling and puckering. The nipples may even take some different look and develop redness, discharge and scaling. Any of such symptoms should indeed be taken very seriously and the patient should visit the doctor as soon as he observes such signs and symptoms.

In case you are the one facing some symptoms of male breasts cancer or feel that you have some concerns and threats, you should visit the physician at the earliest time possible. Getting breast cancer should indeed not be taken as a threat to masculinity however it is a common problem that attacks breast tissue which both the sexes share. Early diagnosis and treatment is every necessary to combat male breast cancer.

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