Symptoms of Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer or oral cancer is the growth of cancerous tissue in the oral cavity. Any of the tissues present in the mouth may be source of mouth cancer. Generally the mouth cancer involves in tongue, apart from areas, such as floor of the mouth, gums, lips or palate. Mouth cancers are contagious and tend to spread fast.

There are two types of symptoms of mouth cancer. Mostly, 80% mouth cancer occurs due to ulcer in the mouth. Chronic discomfort, burning or pain in the mouth is symptoms of mouth cancer. Other symptoms of mouth cancer are listed below:

The patient with mouth cancer has red or white patches in the mouth or throat that don’t heal. There is lump in the mouth or throat, and the patient also feels difficulty or discomfort in swallowing down things. A feeling of sensation in throat, intermittent bleeding and numbness in the mouth, falling of teeth nonspecifically, having tight jaw which becomes difficult to move, and problem in voicing speech, sudden weight loss, and breath with repulsive odor are the symptoms of mouth cancer.

White or red sign is the initial symptom of mouth cancer. Initially, the cancerous cells are abnormal but are not cancer until it lasts longer and reaches advanced stage. If the patient with mouth cancer receives immediate medical attention regarding pre-malignancy, the symptoms of mouth cancer can be stopped from developing into worse.

The above-mentioned symptoms regarding mouth cancer are subject to medical diagnosis and subsequent examination that could establish them as mouth cancer.

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