Symptoms of nasal cancer

Nasal cancer or sinus infection develops from different sites in nasal passage. Generally, it starts with cells of the mucosal lining of sinuses. The nasal cancer basically develops when cells of lining of nasopharynx begin to mutate. And very soon, cancerous lumps and tumor is found to be formed that in turn spreads to brain, jaw and ears. This cancer even spreads into lymph glands of neck. The nasal cancer can even spread to lungs and bones through the flow of blood.

Early symptoms of nasal cancer include nose bleeding that can be pure blood coming out from nose or the blood stained mucus. The chronic congestion in nose and tooth pain is further the common symptoms of nasal cancer. But it is even possible that the cancer may be asymptomatic, referring to the point that there might be non occurrence of any symptoms.

Nasal cancer

Nasal cancer has signs and symptoms just like other kinds of sinus infections. These incorporate conditions like chronic and acute nasal congestion, pain, headache and pressure which radiate from sinuses locations. What actually distinguishes nasal cancer from other types of sinus infections include the symptoms like:

Ear pressureLump in neckSwelling around eyesCheeks bulgingBlurry or double visionNose bleedingNose bulgingFacial painNumbness of lips, cheeks, nose sides and upper teethBleeding in upper teeth, swollen roof of mouthHuge amount of tearing

Basically the symptoms of nasal cancer are dependent on site of the cancer. In case the disease develops from nerves linked to neighboring tissues of sinuses, sensations, pain and numbness can be faced from the area. In case the cancer affects tear ducts, tearing can be suffered as well. Muscles which are linked with the eyes when faced by nasal cancer or other types of cancer can further produce blurred vision.

Visit a doctor if you face any of these symptoms.

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