Symptoms of penile cancer

Penile cancer is the health problem where the malignant cancerous cells form in penis tissues. It is very crucial to be aware of the symptoms of penile cancer and report to the doctor fast in case you face any of the penile cancer symptoms. The common symptoms of penile cancer include rash on penis, discharge that is foul smelling, sore on penis which doesn’t get treated in 4 weeks or so and may look like ulcer, wart or blister, bleeding from penis, problem in drawing back foreskin and change in penis and foreskin color.

Common penile cancer symptomsfaced ever include the appearance of sore. Most symptoms of this type of cancer cause no pain at all. The signs of penile cancer actually vary as per the stage, location and size of the penis tumor. The ulcerated region on penis skin that doesn’t heal easily or remain for a long span of time is another penile cancer symptom.

penile cancer

In case you are suffering from advanced stage of penile caner, you may face other symptoms as well like the swollen lymph nodes in groin, weight loss and pain in bones or stomach.

Unplanned weight loss can also be faced because of reduction in the appetite that may further cause other severe conditions like anemia. Pain in stomach as well as lymph nodes swelling in groin is other major symptoms of penile cancer in the stage III or IV. Most men find it tough to visit the doctor even when they observe changes in penis. But it is wise to remember that penile cancer may be treated and cure if proper treatment is started at the early stages.

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