Symptoms of prostate cancer

Usually, most of the men are diagnosed early even before there are symptoms of prostate cancer observed. Yet it is crucial to know about the indications of prostate cancer.

Anyone who wishes to know about the symptoms of prostate cancer has landed to the right place. Prostate cancer is seen with several unique symptoms. Prostate is a body organ that is located below the bladder and in the pelvis.

There are primarily four urinary symptoms associated with prostate cancer. These include frequently urinating at regular intervals more than the normal situations, having a feeling of urinating immediately without delay, getting up at night several times to urinate and facing trouble in starting the stream of urine. All these symptoms might indicate prostate cancer.

prostate cancer

In the prostate cancer, you might also observe swelling in prostate. However, it is important to note that swelling in the prostate does not only reflect prostate cancer. It might indicate other severe conditions which also need to be treated immediately by the doctor.

There are some other symptoms of prostate cancer which can be felt by men. These common symptoms might include blood in semen, blood in urine, bone pain in the lower hips, ribs and back, new-onset erectile dysfunctioning or impotency and loss of bladder control.

These symptoms are also not applicable only to prostate cancer but might indicate this kind of cancer. These symptoms can however also reflect other kinds of ailments. But in the onset or observation of these symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor.

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