Symptoms of rectal cancer

Rectal cancer is the part of colorectal cancer family that even includes colon and anal cancer. Learning and identifying the symptoms of rectal cancer is first step towards defense from this fatal disease. Some symptoms of rectal cancer those are most common include change in the bowel movements like constipation and diarrhea. During elimination of stool, you may not feel that the bowel has emptied fully and the stool may get bright red or dark color highlighting blood. Also, your stool may be narrow than the normal.

There is in fact no evidence about what actually causes rectal cancer however some causes that may result in suffering of this disease include ethnic background and poor diet. All these are highly dangerous with high mortality rate and so with early diagnosis of the disease, rectal cancer can be cured. Therefore it is important to know the symptoms and signs of this health condition. In case you identify any of these symptoms, it is wise to consult the medical practitioner immediately.

rectal cancer

Rectal cancer basically takes place when the cancerous cells grow in rectum tissue. Rectum serves to be the last part of large intestine that leads to anus. The body waste is stored in rectum till it is eliminated from body through anus.

Another rectal cancer symptom includes discomfort of abdominal area like bloating, cramps and gas. A large number of people face the feeling of being fuller in the stomach and even vomiting. This in turn leads to serious exhaustion and loss in weight.

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