Symptoms of stomach cancer- look out the common signs and symptoms

Though the total amount of deaths caused due to stomach cancer has reduced on a significant level in recent times, it can be deadly even then. This type of cancer can particularly start in stomach and can spread to other body parts, when untreated. Though there are common symptoms of stomach cancer, testing needs to be carried out in order to know whether you are suffering from stomach cancer or not.

There are indeed various types of stomach cancers and some of them are rare in nature. Most common kinds of cancer in the stomach start in glandular cells of stomach lining and this is the place where the digestive enzymes and stomach acid are made and where the most stomach cancers begin to develop. When tumor becomes advanced, it can then travel through bloodstream to spread to the organs like lungs, bones and liver.

stomach cancer

Early signs and symptoms of stomach cancer are epigastric discomfort and chronic dyspepsia followed by weight loss, feeling full after eating, fatigue, anemia and anorexia. The blood found in stools can also be a symptom of stomach cancer.

Difficulties with the bowel movements can even be a symptom of facing stomach cancer. Various people face continuous constipation as well as diarrhea. Blood in the stool and improper bowel movements further point towards facing stomach cancer. Many a times, blood may not be seen in stools at the initial phases. Thus tests can be conducted to see whether there are bloody stools or not.

Sudden loss in weight can even be a major symptom of stomach cancer. Anyone who faces a loss of 5 percent of body weight in just six months or even lesser should immediately seek medical help. Unexplained and prolonged exhaustion is also a common symptom as far as stomach cancer is concerned. Abdominal pain varying from severe, constant and unbearable to dull can further mean that you may be suffering from cancer in the stomach.

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