Symptoms of thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer does not have any symptoms as such and therefore detection of this ailment is a bit hard. There are the symptoms which are also caused by thyroid nodule and nodules are not necessarily cancerous.

The symptoms of thyroid cancer are as follows:

Lump in the neck can be noticed during thyroid cancer. This can be either visible or if not visible, can be felt in the neck. Another symptom of thyroid cancer can be swollen lymph node. The cells of thyroid cancer can expand to lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are swollen when you have cough or cold but this should retain its originality later. In case that does not happen, then it might be a symptom of thyroid cancer.

Thyroid cancer

Since thyroid gland is situated below the larynx therefore hoarse voice can also be a symptom of thyroid cancer. However, this is a very exceptional approach to detect thyroid cancer. Problem in breathing or swallowing is also a symptom of thyroid cancer. Esophagus sits below trachea and therefore thyroid cancer can lead to trouble in swallowing or breathing. This is again a very rare approach of detecting thyroid cancer.

Pain in the neck can also be a symptom of thyroid cancer. In case neck pain persists for more than a few weeks, then it should be taken seriously. Apart from neck pain, throat pain is also a symptom of thyroid cancer and in case the pain remains for a longer time, then you should immediately visit a doctor.

These symptoms do no mandatorily depict the occurrence of thyroid cancer but should be taken seriously.

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