Symptoms of vulvar cancer

Vulvar cancer is the type of cancer which begins in vulva. This cancer generally affects labia, folds of skin that are outside the woman’s vagina. In some situations, this kind of cancer may begin on clitoris or in the glands on sides of vagina opening. Women facing this health condition will face itching around their vagina. Using different skin care creams can not help to treat vulvar cancer. There are some cases in which women may even face bleeding.

But the common symptoms of vulvar cancer include pain, tenderness, itching in the vagina and surrounding region and bleeding which is not the result of menstruation. Also, other vulvar cancer symptoms incorporate wart like and lump bumps, ulcer, skin changes like the thickening of skin or the color changes, flat, red sores which does not heal that fast and the flat sores which appear to be scaly and discolored. Other signs of vulvar cancer may be precarious looking skin patches on the vulva. These patches may be white, brown or red.

In case you notice any or some of the signs and symptoms of vulvar cancer mentioned above, it is highly crucial to see the healthcare professional soon. Make immediate appointment with the medical professional or gynecologist in case you face any of the signs and symptoms of vulvar cancer like pain, itching, abnormal bleeding or burning.

Taking proper treatment at the earliest is very important to cure the problem without much difficulty. Thus have proper knowledge about symptoms and signs of vulvar cancer.

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