Treatment for kidney cancer

There are certain types of treatment for kidney cancer that can be used to treat the disease. We will discuss these types of treatments here.


This is mainly used in case of renal cell cancer. When surgery to treat kidney cancer is done, then either some parts or the entire kidney is removed. There are basically three kinds of surgeries that are used to treat kidney cancer in the body. These are Partial nephrectomy, Simple nephrectomy and Radical nephrectomy. In many cases, kidney transplant is seen as the part of surgery. In case, the surgery to get rid of kidney is not possible, the treatment known as arterial embolization is used which can reduce the size of tumor.


It is a well known fact that it is possible for the human being to live with one kidney. But in case, both the kidneys are removed or are not working in the proper order, dialysis is adopted. Dialysis is a machine that works as a substitute for kidney. The blood is purified through this machine.

Kidney Cancer

Radiation therapy

It is a type of cancer treatment in which high-energy x-rays or radiations are used to kill or burn cancer cells. For treating kidney cancer, either internal radiation therapy or external radiation therapy can be used. It depends on the size and kind of cancer as to which type of radiation will be given to the patient.


In this therapy, certain drugs are used in order to halt the growth of cancer cells. These drugs are made to reach the cancer cells through the bloodstream.

Before taking treatment, diagnosis for kidney cancer is done and the doctor finds it out by recognizing the symptoms of kidney cancer.

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