Treatment of fallopian tube cancer

Fallopian tube cancer is a kind of gynecological cancer and is also a very rare kind of disease. It accounts for just 1-2% of all kinds of gynecological cancers. However, it is still very important for all the people to be aware about the symptoms of fallopian tube cancer and its possible treatment. So let us have a look at the treatment of fallopian tube cancer or tubal cancer.


The first treatment that is adopted in almost all kinds of cancers is surgery in which the organs containing cancer cells are removed completely. In this case, the uterus, cervix as well as fallopian tubes and ovaries are removed through surgery. This method of surgery in case of fallopian tube cancer is also called total abdominal hysterectomy.

Before conducting the surgery, the physician might also check whether the cancer has spread to other surrounding areas or not. In case it has spread, all those parts will also be operated. It becomes absolutely imperative to ward off cancer from the root.

fallopian tube cancer


Chemotherapy is more like a follow-up. In this treatment, the drugs are used to ward off cancer cells. In this treatment, the drugs are directed towards the organ of the body containing cancer cells, in this case fallopian tube. Now, these drugs can be directed in the body either through your mouth or with the help of a needle into the muscle or the vein directly.

This treatment kills the cancer cells, if they have remained in the body even after the surgery.

These two treatments have been used so far to ward off fallopian tube cancer from the human body.

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