Treatment of Gum Cancer

Gum cancer is a kind of oral cancer which affects millions of people all across the world in a year. Of all kinds of cancers, diagnosis of this cancer is the easiest and it can be detected easily too. Regular visits to your dentist can call for screening which allows easy detection of this disease. If caught at an early stage, gum cancer is treatable easily. Treatment of gum cancer permanently cures the cancer and leaves no signs of the disease in your body. Following are different kinds of treatments of gum cancer.

Commonly found treatments of gum cancer

The common treatments that can be used for treatment for gum cancer include:

ChemotherapyRadiation therapySurgery that removes cancer and checks for its tentaclesClinical trials which test new therapies or treatments of gum cancer

Apart from these common treatments, there are certain other treatments of gum cancer that can be adopted.

Gum Cancer

Other treatments of gum cancer

Other treatments of therapies can be included as per the condition of a patient. These treatments include:

Anti-nausea medication in case of occurrence of nauseaGrowth factors for increasing White blood cells in case their level decreasesDietary counseling for maintaining nutritional status and strengthPain medicationsPhysical and occupational therapyReconstructive surgery

Gum cancer can also be treated with certain complimentary treatments.

Complimentary Treatments of gum cancer

These treatments can help people in dealing with their cancer in a much better way. The complimentary treatments are sometimes also called alternative therapies and are most often used along with traditional cancer treatments. However, these treatments cannot be used as a complete substitute of the primary gum cancer treatments. These include:

AcupunctureMassage therapyYoga

Finally, the last kind of treatment that can be used for treatment of gum cancer includes hospice care.

Hospice care

Hospice care is being given in case of those patients where cancer has developed into a farther stage and is unresponsive to any treatment. Basically, hospice care is not precisely a treatment, rather a way of motivation where the patient is kept comfortable and tips are offered to maximize the standard of life. It only includes medications for treating pain as well as other symptoms of gum cancer. The aim of hospice care is to provide spiritual as well as psychological support to the patient as well as his/her family.

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