Treatment of Male Breast Cancer

Usually when the word “breast cancer” is said, people associate it only with female. However, breast cancer is also found in male and the chances of survival are equal to that of female, but the treatment and causes differ. Usually, men between the ages of 60-70 years are detected with breast cancer. In males, the cancer cells can start developing in the breast tissues and this can cause male breast cancer.

The treatment of male breast cancer will surely depend on certain factors like stage of cancer, age of patient, size of tumor and several other attributes. However, some of the treatments are explained here:


The most common of all methods is surgery. This is usually very critical kind of surgery and is called modified radical mastectomy. In this surgery, the nipple, areola and other breast tissues are eradicated.

Lymph Node Surgery

Other form of surgery for male breast cancer is called lymph node surgery. In this surgery, the aim of doctors is to eradicate or filter out cells of cancer that can possibly be floating that gushes out of from the source of cancer in the breast.

male breast cancer

Radiation Therapy

This is one of the most effective and targeted form of eradicating the cancer cells which might be left over despite surgery. This is usually done after the mastectomy surgery and is given to patients with bigger size of tumor.

Hormonal therapy

This therapy proves effective against those cancers which contain progesterone or estrogen receptors. This hormonal therapy works similar like that in female body.


Chemotherapy is again a post-surgical treatment. It can be given in the form of medicines that can kill the remaining cancer cells.

By knowing about the symptoms of male breast cancer, diagnosis of this disease becomes simpler and you can easily and instantly start your treatment.

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