Treatment Options for Bone Cancer: An Overview

Lots of treatment options are available for Bone Cancer. The treatment of bone center depends of some specific conditions which are-

The types of bone cancerHow  far the bone cancer has growLocation and size of the tumorAge of the patientGeneral health and fitness of patient


Surgery is considered the most effective treatment option for bone cancer. In the surgery, a doctor removes the tumor and surrounded tissues from the body.

Various types of surgeries are used to treat bone cancer including-

Amputation- When the bone cancer is positioned in a problematical point on the bone, doctor removes a large part or entire limb (amputation) from the body. After this surgery doctors fit an artificial limb so that an individual can continue everyday tasks. This is not a common surgery and prescribes in rare cases.Limb-salvage surgery-This surgery is prescribed when cancer can be separated from nerves and other tissue. Most doctors take away bone cancer and spare the limb. Sometimes, doctors remove bones which have cancer. These bones can be replaced with other bones of your body or artificial bones.Surgery for both areas – This is a common surgery that does not influence the limbs. If the cancer happens in bones apart from arms and legs, the bone can be removed with few surrounding tissue. These bones can be replaced with other bones of the body.Reconstructive Surgery- Doctors use sophisticated techniques to restructure or rebuild the part of the body which are changed by prior surgery.

Radiation therapy

This is a highly preferred treatment option for bone cancer. In this treatment doctor tries to kill cancer cells using high-powered beams of energy such as X-rays. A highly developed machine is used for this treatment. It works on some specific points of the body. This therapy can be recommended after surgery to kill cancer cells. Using this treatment, one can get rid off from various sign and symptoms of bone cancer.


This is a medication treatment that is prescribed to kill existing cells and stop the production of new cells. This medication treatment can be prescribed alone or with surgery and radiation therapy. Usually, Chemotherapy is prescribed in the starting of treatment to make the body comfortable for limb sparing surgery.

These are some most appreciated and preferred treatment options for bone cancer. An individual can go for one and more treatment options as per the advice of doctors.

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