Treatment Options For Eye Cancer

Eye cancer can be one of the scariest kinds of cancers. Of course there are risks of acute blindness, which can make you feel scared to the core. There are basically different kinds of treatments of eye cancer depending upon different factors. The common treatments include radiotherapy, surgery as well as chemotherapy. The treatment of eye cancer that you will have depends on certain factors and these include:

Kind of cancer you haveSize of the tumor and its spreadGeneral health of yoursYour general level of fitness as well as age

Choosing the treatment

Alost everyone is referred to the specialist centre in case of treatment of eye cancer. These specialist centres can provide various kinds of treatments but they choose the one which is suitable for your case. In certain kinds of eye cancers only one treatment would be more than enough. In others, various treatments might be included. Your eye surgeon as well as specialist nurse can explain you with these treatment options. Occasionally, it would be good to seek second opinion through another eye cancer specialist as well.

Various treatments for different conditions

Different conditions will be treated in a different way. The treatment options include:

Treatment for the melanoma of eyeballTreatment for the iris melanomaTreatment for the ciliary or choroid melanoma

Special treatments for melanoma which has spread outside eyes

In case the tumor has stretched beyond your eyes, it would be called extraocular melanoma. Doctors can also refer it as extraocular extension. It is quite scary to know that you have extraocular melanoma. In such a case surgery is required in which you need to get rid of the eye altogether. The operation is known as enucleation. After this, radiotherapy might also be required to ensure that cancer goes completely.

Recurrent eye melanoma

In case the cancer is recurring in nature, most likely you will have to go for enucleation as well as radiotherapy to kill cancer cells which are left behind. Also, chemotherapy as well as biological therapy would be required to treat melanoma of eyes.

It is important that you consult about the right treatment with your doctor and follow the rules as described. Eye cancer is indeed one of the scariest cancers, not just because of its symptoms but also because in advanced stages it means to remove eyes utterly which can be terrifying!

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