Treatments for oral cancer

Oral cancer is the kind of cancer which manifests on lips, tongue, mouth, gums and glands which produce the saliva. After getting diagnosed with oral cancer, you need to go through some surefire treatment options in order to get rid of the deadly disease in a timely manner.

It is imperative to decide on removing the tumor if that is possible. In case the tumor has not affected the surrounding tissue, a surgeon can help to remove the tumor with little danger involved. But if the tissue has already been affected, the medical practitioner may need to remove the bone tissue completely. You should go to doctor if you find any Symptoms of oral cancer.

Radiation is one of the treatments used to cure small tumors while the chemotherapy is utilized for larger tumors. Sometimes one or both of these methods are used to treat oral cancer in an efficient way.

Surgery is also an often used treatment for oral cancer. There are different kinds of surgical processes that can be undertaken to treat oral cancer. While some include removal of the cancer completely, others improve improving the function. Surgery can also help to prevent any future problems and complications like bleeding and blockage.

You can even opt for going through a rehabilitation process. You may require plastic surgery in order to repair appearance of the face and mouth. You may further require working with the speech pathologist in order to avoid troubles faced while speaking.

Also, IMRT or Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy serves as the advanced type of conformal radiotherapy. This process includes advanced and powerful computer program which helps to plan the precise radiation dosage in 3 dimensions i.e. based on the tumor shape, location and size. This treatment in fact allows for the high radiation doses than the traditional methods of radiotherapy while sparing more of nearby healthy tissue.

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