Vulvar Cancer Treatment

Vulvar cancer is the type of cancer which starts in vulva. This type of cancer generally affects labia, the skin folds outside a vagina. In some of the situations, this vulvar cancer may even start on clitoris or in the glands on sides of vagina opening. When diagnosed at an early stage, this cancer is generally curable and can be treated.

Imiquimod cream can be utilized to treat the VIN or vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia. The treatment of vulvar cancer consists of surgery that can remove cancerous cells. In case the tumor is huge or has developed deeply in the skin, lymph nodes in groin region may even be removed.

Surgery serves to be the most common cancer treatment available for vulva. The main aim of surgery is the removal of cancer without any damage to the sexual function of the patient.

vulvar cancer

Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the other treatments available to cure vulvar cancer of advanced stages. You can check out if you suffer from symptoms of vulvar cancer and thus use the best treatment possible at the earliest.

Chemotherapy is the treatment that makes use of some drugs to stop development of the cancerous cells by either killing off the cells or through stopping these cells from further division. When this treatment is taken orally or injected into muscle or vein, drugs then enter the patient’s bloodstream and may reach the cancerous cells all through the body.

But when chemotherapy is set directly into spinal column, a body cavity or some organs like the abdomen or on the skin, drugs affect the cancerous cells in such areas. The manner in which chemotherapy is offered actually depends on stage and type of cancer being cured.

More so, radiation therapy is also a useful cancer treatment that makes use of high energy X rays and some other radiation in order to kill the cancer cells. There are basically two kinds of radiotherapy. The external one uses some machine outside the patient’s body to send the radiations towards cancer. On the other hand, the internal radiotherapy uses radioactive substance that is sealed in seeds, catheters, wires or needles that are set directly near or into the cancer. Radiation therapy is also given as per the phase and type of cancer that is treated.

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